Sunday, January 21, 2007

Can't beat em join em

Well I'm off to hug a tree. You wait for ages for supermarkets to do something responsible then two come along at once. If Marks & Spencer's green announcement wasn't enough then Tesco have followed suit with this package of green measures. The only thing is do I trust big business enough to believe them? I mean there must be a catch somewhere right? Who is going to pay and who is going to lose out? I bet it won't be Tesco

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ian said...

Is the ultimate aim to put the big companies out of business, or to accept that most people will still shop there so to get these retailers as ethical as possible. I don't which, but it seems a vague 'ethical' attitude can be really unfocussed.

Phil on 22 January 2007 at 13:50 said...

I don't think the aim is to put them out of business but more about influencing the way they do business. Perhaps not even that. Having looked into it and read the PR statements of the big supermarkets it then becomes an issue of who to trust. I've decided there are elements to the way they do the majority of their business that I'm uncomfortable with so I'm taking my custom elsewhere. It's much more about me having attempting to develop a consistent ethic for my life

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