Tuesday, February 13, 2007

God is Green and not nuclear

It's not often in the UK that you get intelligent documentaries that combine faith and the environment. Last nights' 'God is Green' on Channel 4 was the first that I can remember. You might even be able to watch it here (although you'll need to do the free register thing).

It was great to see Christians and American evangelicals included being proactive about something other than the world ending or voting for George Bush. Long may that continue.

The evening's viewing took a curious turn as I watched a parliamentary committee debate the UK's plan to renew its nuclear arsenal. Frankly there are no good reasons. I've told my MP, I've signed a petition, now darn it I'll have to go and rally about it. Does the fact I know they won't listen mean I'd be right to give in to apathy? What do you think?


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