Friday, June 15, 2007

Is Christianity middle class?

Christians like us love testimonies right, we love stories of how people come to Christ and the stories we love the best are those who were really bad, who were really far away, were really sick and now they’re really saved. We love it, I think for a number of reasons, one because its grace and we love grace, but also because the difference is really, really clear.

The changes drug addicts and criminals need to make to their life once they've committed themselves to following Jesus is usually obvious (though not easy).

But what changes do you ask of say for example, a teacher who is happily married, works hard, doesn’t get drunk and basically leads a pretty good life? What changes other than to start giving to the church and coming on Sundays do we ask of the middle class? Is it really possible that 99% of how the middle classes live is fundamentally honouring to God and already follows the lifestyle pattern Jesus set down for his people so that all they need to do is come to church and tithe? Or have we missed something?


jul on 18 June 2007 at 13:50 said...

There is nothing distinctly christian about not drinking, working hard, being 'nice'... There should be a radical change in anyone who gets saved and now has the Holy Spirit of the Living God living in them! Signs, wonders, miracles,casting out demons, healings, you know, just for a start.

We have got something wrong. We are not book of Acts believers for the most part in the middle class comfortable parts of the world. I say for the most part (including me) but recognizing that there have always been exceptions to this and I believe God is causing a shift in the rest of us back toward a dependence on him and a deep hunger to see his power transform our world and usher in his kingdom.

Phil on 18 June 2007 at 15:57 said...

I agree with you that in the church we should see more of all the things you list - demonstrations of God's power. I also think we should see greater sharing, deeper community and more radical generosity which are demonstrations of His love. Perhaps if we had more of the second we might see more of the first!

Anonymous said...

Having been brought up in a nice protestant middle class home, I was conditioned into a culture of high educational achievements, good job leading to a house, wife, 2.3 kids, nice car and you've made it. Keep your head down, be nice people, uncontroversial. Maybe get a hobby but above all create a nice safe settled life where you can live in a self sufficient comfortable bubble.

When you put 100 similar people together and call it a Church what kind of Church do we get?

Phil on 21 June 2007 at 09:27 said...

Dear Anon,
That is a fascinating comment - will post on that later. Thanks so much for writing


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