Friday, June 29, 2007

Maintaining focus

It's not easy to say 'no' to things especially when you enjoy them. It's also not easy to judge the pace your life should be led at. It isn't easy to reject the furious busyness of contemporary life, to choose to slow down. All of the above means I find it much harder to step down from things than I do to step up to new challenges (as a church leader I also understand that some people have the opposite problem!). 

I ride motorbikes, absolutely love it and there are some comparisons to be made here. One of the challenges of life is to try and look ahead, anticipate the curve of the road in front of you, judge the right speed you need, get your position on the road right and most importantly look around the corner not into it. Look into the corner and you end up in a hedge. 

So I've stepped down off the board of CBC and taken it off the list of projects I'm involved in, it's not the only step or decision I need to make, to ensure I don't end up in a hedge!


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