Monday, June 18, 2007

Remarriage After Divorce

I've decided to make a slight adjustment in regards to the content of this blog. I have a clear focus on Christian responses to consumerism and the rediscovery of a richer way of life and I think I'll keep it that way, for the most part.

However I've spent years writing book reviews for the magazine I used to edit and as a church leader I read much more widely than simply on issues of generosity etc...So I've decided to widen the scope in just this area, partly to serve as an effective online archive for my own use and partly to help me process what I've just read before my head gets full of the next book.

As you can see Remarriage After Divorce in Today's Church has little to do with my normal subject! It's not a subject that really concerns people outside of the church except when it happens to them, especially when they realise how costly it is! The Counterpoints series from Zondervan is really excellent placing as it does differing views alongside each other and allowing room for response and comment from the contributors. It's extremely helpful in working out what you think on a subject. Hopefully they'll do one on giving or money one day.

Wenham takes the 'no remarriage after divorce' view, Heth the 'limited exceptions' and Keener 'the wider exceptions' view. Wenham makes some good points but I find myself in greatest agreement with Heth and Keener. If understanding what the Bible teaches about such a crucial pastoral subject is of interest to you then I recommend it.


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