Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Confessional is now Open

I have a confession to make, today I almost lost my temper, I certainly did lose a good portion of my self-control. It's one of the hazards of being a biker (just to clarify so we're all clear: a person who pedals a bike is a cyclist, a person who rides a motorbike is a biker). So I was cut up in town by a lady in a people carrier who paid no attention to the road markings to give way and ploughed straight on causing me to nearly plough into the side of her.  

It just made me cross, and she had the nerve to get cross with me so almost immediately we're stopped at some lights so I get off my bike, walk back to her car behind me and point out to her that "Next give way when you're supposed to give way OK?" and stomp back to my bike to roar off into the distance. My righteous anger and indignation somewhat satisfied. More worryingly I was shaking from the adrenalin of a) nearly being knocked off and b) letting off steam.

Now I feel sorry for the lady and I think I was wrong. I have no idea what had gone on in her day and she didn't need me sounding off to her and since we didn't actually have an accident no harm was done. 

It makes me wonder though what other decisions we make when we feel a powerful surge of emotion run through us? As a Christian who seeks to 'sense' God's presence during times of worship, we can often feel such strong emotions. Ok, I can distinguish it from anger but under it's influence would my decisions or responses be any wiser? 

On this theme if you seen any Nooma's then you should watch no.16 'Store' 


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