Friday, September 07, 2007

Let's Go - Day Four

Flipping heck, it's taken me nearly a week to complete this, where does the time go? I'm too busy posting comments on other people's blogs, that's my problem.
Anyway Day Four was a great finale. We had John Cardinal and his family, from Bristol, with us and he preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick with real authority (I learnt a lot) and it was such an encouraging morning. However it was a real battle to keep believing in God all the way through that He was going to work. 
We saw one lady who had been on our Alpha course give her life to Christ, a few recommitments and at least 3 ladies experienced some measure of healing. When we've had things tested and confirmed I'll post details of that up too. I'm sure our confidence as a small church is up that the growth we've longed and prayed for is coming. So God was gracious to us in seeing our efforts and blessing them. 

Here are some more Let's Go photos, click on the photo to see the whole album

Let's Go


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