Saturday, October 06, 2007

An instinct for community

I'm currently reading a book that gives an introduction to the life and thought of Augustine (review to follow soon). I have to admit I didn't know too much about the great man other than his views on original sin, his influence and the name of his two most famous books. 

One of the interesting things I've learnt was that after his conversion Augustine immediately began experimenting with community. First in Italy in a villa by Lake Como (very nice) and then he insisted on a monastery community when forced into the priesthood at Hippo, north Africa. 

His preference was for a scholarly community, but what is interesting to me is that there seems to be something about a shared life together that is very attractive and constant throughout the history of Christianity. So here's my question what other greats of our faith have been drawn to community over the centuries?

I'll add Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the 20th Century to Augustine to kick us off. Any others? 


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