Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time Mis-management

I've always been good at mis-managing my time. I have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of reasons to do something else, and an infuriating ability to think I can get everywhere and do everything in 'just 5 minutes' meaning I'm often late or rushed. There's probably some personality test that will tell me the name of this condition and give me a reason to say 'that's just the way I'm made'.

But I want to learn a new form of what I'm calling 'time mis-management'. Time management focuses on doing more, learning tips and techniques how to cope with busy schedules, how to get ahead of the game, how to manage information overload. I'm thinking of dropping out of that game.

I have a couple of options if I want a life of simplicity - I can drop out and buy a farm or something or I can change the rules by which I operate in the midst of a world that is in a mad-rush to nowhere special. Right now I'm facing one of those times where I have much to do, and I can let that stress me out or let it puff me up ('I'm important because I'm busy'), but I still need to be able to listen to the Spirit of God when in the middle of it all he challenges me to 'love God and love people' which always throws a spanner into a busy schedule. Yet what is more important the call to follow or the call to be busy and industrious?

Inner simplicity is being clear about what is most important and living accordingly. So I need to mismanage my time to allow for 'time wasting' activities that let me love God and love people and let my productivity drop. Let's see how it goes...


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