Sunday, March 23, 2008

Embracing Jesus

Today has been a great day in the life of North Shrewsbury Community Church. Most importantly because we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not only that but one of our members (Amy A) was baptised into Christ. What a great day for that to take place. And to top it all off, a man who has been coming to church since January gave his life to Christ, in his own words 'I want to embrace all that Jesus is!' So I make that a celebration of 3 resurrections from death to life! Wonderful!

Not only that but last night we held a Bingo and Chips night in a local community centre and saw over 100 people come and enjoy themselves, and we raised some money for a charity that supports families with children with long-term illnesses.

So all-in-all an encouraging weekend, where God has again blessed us as we seek to step out and be a blessing to others in our community.


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