Sunday, April 06, 2008

There's nothing like the church

Today was another good day in the life of North Shrewsbury Community Church with a talk by Terry Hotchkiss (from Barnabas Community Church) on healing. We saw people recommit themselves to following Christ and some take that step for the first time, we saw people seek God for healing in their own lives and that of others.

We also experienced God's presence as we worshipped Him, we were built up as people encouraged one another and worked out what it means to follow Christ in a difficult world. It was a good day. We were challenged and encouraged to be outward looking in our prayers, because if life really is this good with God, how can we keep it to ourselves?

All this is true, and I delight in it. At the same time, I'm stirred to continue to seek to be part of a community that 'outclasses' society in the quality of its life. One that respects creation, that lives on what it needs rather than living for its wants. One where relationships are built to last, not last until a better offer comes along (see Matt Hosier's blog for thoughts on marriage), one where the poor and needy of the world find acceptance, love and compassion - as well as a nice cup of tea! One where we share, care and pray for each other. There is so much more to being the church and every additional angle challenges the poverty of communal life in our nation. I love the fact that I worship a God who changes us from the inside out, but never leaves the outside unchanged. There really is nothing like the church.


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