Monday, June 09, 2008

Fresh eyes...

Few things are as exciting to a pastor as hanging out around new believers. Your faithful servants are great too, but when a new believer understands grace for the first time and their eyes light up and they see how much that means God values them, you realise again, that grace is wonderful. When you hear of reconciliation you recall how essential forgiveness is. When the Holy Spirit indwells and the Scriptures light up, you are reminded how beautiful a light those words truly are.

So it's a great privilege to have a few of those people around our church (and of course we're praying for more). One of them seems to have caught the blogging bug and is writing on grace and forgiveness, which is itself, hugely encouraging to me. So encourage her by stopping by and having a read, and perhaps seeing our truly wonderful Saviour through fresh eyes.

Here's her blog and I've added it to my blogroll


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