Monday, June 16, 2008

Grow your own food

My wife has recently begun growing some of her own veg, here's some encouragement as to why this is a good thing. Thanks to my friend Ginny for the tip off.


Anonymous said...

Here's another good one:

What should the church's response be to this?

Phil on 17 June 2008 at 13:33 said...

Interesting article. What fills it the most is fear and worry. Christians of course don't really have anything to fear or worry about in the future, our hope is secure in Christ. So we can cheerfully get on with building the kingdom. For me that includes genuine sharing communities that respect the earth we live on as the gift it is from God. If we do that, we don't need to stockpile guns and tins of beans.

Blue, with a hint of amber on 17 June 2008 at 15:11 said...

We have had some lovely strawberries already this year. Our potatoes are doing really well but aren't ready yet while the Tomatoes are doing better than last year and some of the beans are up to waste height.

I planted a courgette plant on Saturday because last year we had over 20 from a single plant and it was great.

Forget carbon for a moment, ignore food miles, don't worry about looking for organic tags - just look for tasty & cheap veg.

"Homegrown" is the future. It is so much more rewarding too and hardly any work if you pick the right stuff.

frankerooney said...

Ah, my pet discussion.

I have to admit to keeping a good stock of veg seeds, tins of fish & fruit and toilet rolls. Perhaps a bit of a pointless half-hearted stash really.

One reason that I'm growing veg though is the purposeful acquisition of survival skills in learning how to harvest & store veg seed so that I can pass on this knowledge to my children. Whether you would consider this as 'respecting the earth' or 'stockpiling tins of beans', you'll know where to come when the shops run out of loo roll ;)

From your neighbour around the corner.

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