Monday, June 02, 2008

A plea for discernment with Prophetic words

A quick post and a short encouragement. In the midst of all that happens in charismatic churches, we must never forget that we are challenged to 'weigh what is said' (1 Cor 14:29). As has been apparent I've been doing some thinking, reading, watching and listening to the events in Lakeland and Dudley. Some time ago they posted on YouTube a video of Trevor Baker receiving a prophetic word for the UK from a guy called Bob Jones (I don't know much about him)...see it here

Now, maybe there is something of God in this, maybe. But there's also something highly offensive and when that happens it needs calling attention to and warning lights go on. At about 4 mins 10 seconds into the clip, Bob Jones starts prophesying and says, "England has got a spirit of infirmity it...the Muslims have got infirmity over them because of inbreeding..."

He then prophecies healing and salvation amongst Muslims.

Now, I hope I don't have to point out the offence here. But even in a politically correct age, I'm not sure God speaks using racist, divisive and misguided words. So, let's not swallow everything whole and throw out what is clearly wrong.


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