Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Revival (?) blogs update

My reading on all these events grows a little wider all the time as people continue to post their thoughts on what's happening, including personal experiences. As usual it's a mix of positive and less so...

  • Peter Kirk says Lakeland is now in the secular news and links to...
  • ....this guy who writes of healings on the streets of Dudley
  • Mark Stibbe has begun FIRE meetings at St Andrews Chorleywood
  • While Adrian Reynolds is thoroughly unconvinced and says why here
I've copied the following quote from Jonathan Edwards via Marcus Honeysett's post on forgiveness because it seems to apply very well to the debate about all things Lakeland

"Those that have been zealous for the work [the Great revivals of Edwards time] and have erred greatly and been injurious with their zeal, ought not to be treated with bitterness. There is abundant reason to think that most of them are dear children of God, for whom Christ died. Their errors should not be used to excite indignation against them, but should influence all who hope we are children of God to humble ourselves and become more entirely dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ…

And those ministers who have been judged and injuriously dealt with will do the part of Christ’s disciples not to judge and revile [in turn], but to receive such injuries with meekness and forbearance, and making a good improvement of them, more strictly examining their own hearts and ways, and committing themselves to God.

Contrary to this meekness, is each party stigmatizing one another with odious names, as has been done in many parts of New England; which tends greatly to widen and perpetuate the breach."

Edwards, "Thoughts on Revival”


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