Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book Review: Humility

Humility: True Greatness by CJ Mahaney, is a good little book. It won't take long to read, it doesn't demand much in the way of brain power while demanding much of your character. It can be summed up fairly neatly, in that 'in the light of the sacrifice of Jesus there's not much for us to be proud about' or for a more positive summation, 'in the light of Jesus' sacrifice we have much to be humbled by'.

Mahaney sees at the root of every kind of sin, the sin of pride - it is our greatest enemy. Therefore, the way to defeat pride is to walk humbly before our God. There is a seriousness about this book which both challenges me and slightly disturbs me. It challenges me because I doubt if I take the challenge of exalting Christ, confessing sin, seeking to draw closer to him as seriously as I should. It disturbs me because godly discipline in one generation are pharasaical laws to another. Still the heart of this book is to honour Christ and I honour that. Humility is the bedrock on which the fruits of the Spirit rest and on which service and leadership build. So, for a simple dose of character building, for a provocation to submit oneself afresh to God again, this little gem by CJ Mahaney should certainly repay the short investment of time taken to read it.


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