Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Together on a Mission

Newfrontiers is currently holding its annual leaders conference in Brighton, headlining is Mark Driscoll. Normally I'd be there but child no1 is due to make an appearance any day now, and I was advised by the better half that being 5 hours away was not an option.

Anyway here are some links to bloggers reactions to the conference so far - some of course you can see at the Newfrontiers Bloggers blog.
  • Adrian Warnock is live blogging the conference and has the fullest reports
  • Dave Bish is weighing in with some extra insights
  • Matt Hosier has some video of some friends from Zimbabwe
  • Hugh Bourne shares his concerns as a 'sceptical friend'
  • Mark Driscoll shares his thoughts on his time with Newfrontiers so far
  • You can already listen to the main session talks here
I'll update this until the end of the conference...


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