Monday, August 18, 2008

Some interesting thoughts on gender roles

Not too long this post kicked off a whole series of posts and debates here. So it was an intriguing few days at Newday, the Newfrontiers youth event. While taking some time out one afternoon I read this in the Sunday Times, where a female author argues for differences between men and women. A few days later I read this in the Guardian, that reported a decline in support for gender equality. Which isn't quite accurate, rather that people believe if both parents work (especially mothers) then the family suffers.

Then on two nights, Joel Virgo made some interesting comments. On one night he specifically addressed the issue of men and women (listen to it here), and he also made some excellent comments from the last night saying how much our churches need and want strong women (not yet available - I'll update or repost when available).

Do check out the Complegatarian blog, which is worth a look (HT: Dave W)


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