Thursday, September 18, 2008

The future of capitalism?

It's hard to imagine a title like this even just a few months ago (well, perhaps you could have imagined it in something written by me) on the BBC. So here are some viewpoints on what the current system says about capitalism. Here Robert Peston thinks American Capitalism is failing. Here's a reasonably understandable summary for the non-economists among us. I wonder what Wayne Grudem thinks now.

Here's an eye-catching quote from a BBC blog: "I conclude from their actions - Brown/Darling with HBOS and Paulson/Bernanke with AIG - that they are pretty phenomenally scared that there will now be a full scale financial crash."

So, the future apocalypse of climate change is on the back burner while we deal with the present apocalypse of our banks. All leads to fear, fear that those of us who think eternally, should not have.

Also see this post at Make Wealth History on the illusion of our economy. Justin Taylor has this article on thinking biblically about banking.


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