Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Abortion not just an American issue

Abortion is big issue. It's an important issue. But I've never lived in a country where it wasn't readily available and I've not lived in a country where Christians are almost a majority, so the temperature of the debate in the US has always surprised me and the way in which it has become THE issue for Christians has often been somewhat disconcerting.

But of late a number of British political events have occurred which has raised the issue here on British blogs and the difference in tone and aim is quite interesting. Here are some of the links

  • Justin Taylor links to posts frequently on his blog. This is the latest and the video is compelling. This fact is shocking.
  • Tim Challies (apologies for grouping with USA as he's Canadian) addresses a complex question here
  • Jim Wallis thinks there's a new conversation on abortion
  • Josh Harris engaged in a debate with a couple in his church on this issue of abortion and voting
For recent news on what's happening in the UK on abortion read this or this


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