Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More on the Blogging Commandments

Well there has been a nice bit of hooha (great word that) about these 10 Commandments and it continues to rumble a bit and as usual it's us Christians who are doing most of the rumbling. It seems the world at large have spotted them as a tongue in cheek talking point and taken them as such, while Christians have become all anxious about being seen as too serious and thus been far too serious about it.

The EA sent out a new message from their facebook slipstream group with this little snippet
"Interestingly it has been Christians who have been the most aggressive and negative in their feedback. Many others have commented positively on the commandments e.g. a mention on a wiccan blog: “I have to say I agree with the overall idea the rule of harm none applies to my blogging practice as well as my every day life. I admit I need to take a closer look at the commandment to take a day off...”"
It seems even the wiccans have responded more positively than grace filled Christians.

Anyway, here are some more thoughts from those who were there at the Bloggers Day in addition to those already mentioned in this post
  • Andrew Stewart-Darling has a relaxed view here and some thoughts on the day itself here
  • Andy Moore found it thought provoking
  • EvangelismUK blog gives it a mention
For other mentions
  • Newscoma is quite funny
  • I quite liked what Waxing Poetically had to say
  • There's a good discussion about the list here
You can also get the audio for the talks here
*update I did a 5 minute interview about the 10 commandments on the afternoon show at Talk107. I'll let you know if they put it on their listen again.


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