Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I know about you

In an entertaining (for me anyway) quest to find out more about the people who read this blog I've begun a series of polls, (usually at top right).

The latest results are in:

Under 16
0 (0%)
7 (22%)
11 (35%)
9 (29%)
3 (9%)
Over 65
1 (3%)

I don't suppose any of that is all that surprising but it's nice to know there's some appeal across the generations. So I now know the age and gender (72% male, 27% female and 1%?) of my readers and where you buy your Christian books (Amazon, Wesley Owen and local bookshop).

So a new poll on church (if you go is now up). Thanks for taking part oh and if you choose 'Other' can you leave a comment to let me know what sort of other? Thanks!


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