Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is Fragile

Humanity is remarkable for all sorts of reasons, one is our ability to be so supremely confident about something so fragile. Life.

Two stories have hit me in the last 24 hours that remind me powerfully that our hold on life is so fragile and as a result our trust in God should increase.

First, two nights ago a friend told me how a few months ago another friend of hers lost a 3 year old child to a heart attack and then last night she lost a second child, her two year old to meningitis. I can't even begin to understand the depths of the pain in her soul.

Secondly, the story of Don Yoon who lost his wife, his baby daughter Grace (15 months), his baby daughter Rachel (2 months) and his mother-in-law in an instant when a US F-18 jet crashed into his house while he was at work. How can you measure that kind of loss? (Todd's post led me to these this and this from Eugene Cho and here's the news report)

Dong Yun Yoon to use his Korean name, is a Christian and has already chosen to forgive. Remarkable. Do pray.


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