Monday, January 26, 2009

Britain: Not a trusting nation

According to some new reports Britain is one of the least trusting nations in Europe, for some interesting reflections have a read of Mark Easton's blog on the BBC.

This stood out "researchers suggest that our low 'trust and belonging' score may be 'the result of the development of a highly individualistic culture in
the UK'. Basically, the suggestion is that we are in danger of becoming the most selfish nation in Europe."

It goes back to the basic claim that money is important. The lack of it will make you feel unhappy, but also that money is not the most important thing because once you reach a certain level of income, there are a little gains in happiness for trying to increase your income beyond that point. Richer does not always mean happier.

This is clearly not ingrained into our national pysche because when the economy is booming we obsess over property and the stuff that fills the properties and when it busts we obsess over the depth, length and breadth of the recession. It seems if your British then money still equals happiness.

At root this is a sign of our spiritual impoverishment, we lack the spiritual resources to see credible alternatives and the failure for this, I would argue, lies squarely with the Christian church. We may be different but not nearly or clearly different enough. We must make it an urgent task to recreate a community life that is a clear witness to the world that we don't worship at the altar of the gods of stuff.


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