Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I regularly read a bunch of magazines. Some I know beforehand that I want to read almost every article (like The Economist), others I skim read looking for things of interest. Today I read the Jan/Feb edition of Idea from the EA and there were a bunch of things of interest. Here they are:
  • Wordlive is a new resource from Scripture Union that helps you get into the Bible through good use of multi-media. Worth checking out
  • If you're a professional involved in environmental action consider Picea
  • A transcript of a debate between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins where Dawkins admitted that he could possibly accept an argument for a God who set the world in motion. Apparently it's at Fixed-Point but I couldn't find it
  • Sticking with the issue of creation and evolution this survey from the EA suggests that only about a third of British evangelicals accept a literal view of a six day young earth creation
  • CARE have a new resource to help people deal with internet porn called Living Free
  • For those concerned about issues of peace and non-violence this conference next Monday may be of interest



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