Friday, January 23, 2009

Josh Harris on a good recession

Tony Reinke links to some of Josh Harris' recent sermons on the economic situation and pulls out some great quotes. I particularly like this one...
"Our definition of need has been super-sized by our culture of consumption. So we think that we need not only to eat, but to eat food that we love, and preferably to eat out. We think that we not only need to be clothed, but to wear the latest fashion and have five of everything. We think we need more than just a roof over our heads. We want a bigger house, with a big yard. And the list could go on and on. We think we need multiple cars, four-wheel drive vehicles to drive on paved roads. We need all these things. Right?!

…And I’ll be honest with you, when I read Jesus’ promise to provide for my needs by feeding me like a raven and clothing me like a flower, my heart doesn’t leap for joy…I feel like a sumo wrestler who has been given a salad for dinner…You see my heart and my values need to be adjusted by God’s Word. My definition of need needs to come into line with Jesus’s definition…

One of the spiritual benefits, potentially, if we seize it, we can gain during an economic recession is that as we tighten our budgets as we change our lifestyle, we can actually begin getting a clearer picture of what we actually need…Seize this as an opportunity to have your need-o-meter reset.”
If your pastor/minister has done a particularly good preach on consumerism or related issues, I'd love to know


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