Friday, January 09, 2009

Posts of the Week (09/01/09)

For the past few weeks I've done a weekly post called 'snippets'. Sort of a link post to things I found interesting. But because there is SO much on the internet and I'm not really a net scavenger, I tend to pass on what others have found. So if you want regular links to interesting things the best around is probably Tim Challies daily A La Carte.

So I'm reinventing this regular into Posts of the Week - I may blog some of them daily as well but if I do they'll feature in this round-up again so you get another opportunity to read them. I'll restrict it to blogs and limit it to 10 max but not always (let me know if that's too many) to make me distinguish between the good and the great. Ones that make this distinguished role of honour will be ones that made me think, laugh, gave me a great idea or was really useful or even just made me read ALL of it (which I often don't do). Let me know what you think. So here is my first selection of the weeks best posts.
  1. Krish may have been Woolworths last ever customer and got an amazing amount of stuff but learnt something about generosity at the end
  2. Make Wealth History informed me about currency markets, something I knew very little about
  3. Gavin McGrath writes a great post about culture (middle class and council estate culture in particular) and how we can make some progress on it
  4. Tim Chester asks the question 'Should Christians fast?' with a great quote from Rodney Clapp on consumerism that is worth reading the post for on its own
  5. Barry Gewen over at Paper Cuts asks, Is there a cure for greed?
  6. Terry Virgo considers how we can spiritual collapse


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