Monday, January 19, 2009

Responding to Darwinism

Evolution is one of a few issues that you really should have an opinion about. Evolution is part of the cultural background, it's part of the air we breathe. People (rightly or wrongly) just think that science has buried Christianity and disproved it. It's a basic need then to be able to respond (and for churches to equip their people) to respond to this basic sense that the theory of evolution has disproved God.

It's one to be honest, I've tried to avoid but I can avoid it no longer. This year will see the celebration of 200 years since the birth of Darwin who's writing changed the world. I happen to live in the town of his birth.

Some Christians in Shrewsbury have made an effort to respond to the challenge of Darwin and have a week of events called Honest to Darwin. The approach is to make a case for Intelligent Design and some world leading thinkers on intelligent design will be in Shrewsbury. I'd argue that its worth you making the effort to be there if you can. I'm currently reading several books on this issue in order to clarify my own thoughts on this issue (reviews to follow). Do publicise this on your own blogs if you're so inclined.


bobxxxx on 20 January 2009 at 06:19 said...

You should be proud to live where Darwin was born. Instead you deny all his hard work and you deny the hard work of the thousands of biologists who came after Darwin. Why are you so afraid of evolutionary biology?

Phil on 20 January 2009 at 09:09 said...

Thanks for the comment Bob. I'm not sure where in my post I've said I'm not proud of living in Darwin's birthplace or that deny his work or indeed that I am afraid of evolutionary biology. I see no reason to be afraid.

I was simply flagging up an event which has a view on the issue and which would be of interest whether you're for or against. I've also mentioned the Darwin Festival which has plenty of events in praise of Darwinian evolution.

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