Monday, January 12, 2009


If you've never stopped by Worldometers you really should. World statistics updated in real time, seeing the births and death numbers is quite staggering, they go so quick yet each one represented someone made in the image of God. I'm writing just shy of midnight so the counters will reset soon by here are some of the eye-catching and in some cases eye-watering statistics.
  • $120,420,000 (and rising) spend on videogames worldwide today!!!
  • 3420 species have gone extinct this year
  • World population today has increased by 214,000 (plus a few)
  • There are 336,998,517 obese people in the world today
  • Who spent $251,250,000 (and rising) on weight loss programs in the US alone in one day
  • While at the same time 28,406 people died of starvation
  • There have been 1,135,050 abortions world wide this year
  • But only 31,098 due to a risk to the mothers health
Certainly a few things to think about there on a Monday morning.


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