Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adbusting: Sky HD

It can leave me speechless, on the edge of my seat and make me sing out loud. Television according to SKY is 'sometimes amazing.' I'm glad they had the decency to include the word 'sometimes' because mostly TV is repetitive, banal, boring or immoral especially with the explosion of channels.

But I'm missing it from being just your plain old ordinary 'amazing' to the 'even more amazing' High Definition amazing. I had no idea there were grades of amazingness, but it seems there are. Because the next time I'm witnessing an historic event, like say the pictured inauguration of America's first black president, it will become even more memorable because I'm so impressed by the picture quality. Is it just me or is that a load of rubbish? (although they may be right about the Aussie wicket thing)

But of course some people do love their TV, it is their comfort, their drug, their soothing noise in the background, the faithful provider of constant news, information and entertainment. Until the advent of the internet no one informed you of gossip better than the TV. It is their source of morality and the big difference between Big Brother and reality is that there's no TV in the Big Brother House making it very unreal and not in a good way.

But now the more amazing TV is apparently, 'for everyone' and Sky calls you to 'believe in better.' Believe in better. Absolutely, couldn't agree more. People should believe in better. They should believe in a better world where children don't die for lack of food, water, safety, medicine. They should believe in a better environment, just societies and trains that work. People should believe in the better that resides in the teachings of Jesus. But believing in better doesn't mean going out and buying a better TV and subscribing to Sky. Sorry, it just doesn't.

So if you're curious to know what I'm ranting about - watch the video here


Jeremy on 23 February 2009 at 12:31 said...

Hmm, it's still happening in two dimensions within a grey plastic frame, how amazing can it really be?

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