Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Convergence (2)

I got a little bit behind in my blog reading and logged on today to find 70+ posts to skim through and once again was struck by the recurring themes from surprising sources. I'm throwing in a few bonus posts today as I catch up.

The theme of Sabbath continues to crop up time and time again. This rediscovery of rest is vital to living more richly and more simply, so on this theme we have Christine Sine reflecting on how she uses the Sabbath to find refreshment, while Mark Driscoll lays out some basic teaching about Sabbath and my friend Andy describes Sabbath as 'one of God's best ideas'. Related is Tim Chester's series on the rhythms of his church, today was 'eat', while on the other side of the pond Todd Hiestand thinks about the rule of Benedict in suburban life.

Other mini convergences were this post from Dave Bish added to this from Douglas Wilson mentioning his visit to Oxford, and both mention the federal vision, which was a focus on theology that I haven't paid much attention to, but have done a bit more today!!

Another mini convergence was some more recession linked posts: Luke asks Credit Crunch: How Can The Church Help? while Christine Sine thinks about the Tough Choices for the Hungry.

Interestingly, can you name the country with 10% of its population currently needing food help from their governement? No, not Zimbabwe, or any country in Africa, no its the US. Unbelievable and also true.


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