Friday, February 13, 2009

Posts of the Week (13/02/09)

  1. This from Mark Galli about Facebook is spot on. Maybe it is evil after all.
  2. Keeping with Facebook as it has its 5th birthday, Al Mohler weighs in with his thoughts
  3. Jeremy thinks we should walk more. I agree.
  4. All husbands should invest in their marriages. Especially if you're an oaf like my friend Dave
  5. If you're a leader or you're interested to know the challenges leaders face, Marcus' current posts on leadership are a must read. So helpful.
  6. My friend Jon gets narky at all sorts of things, fortunately when he writes about it, it makes me laugh
  7. A lot has been written about Sabbath recently and this from Tim Chester is excellent
  8. Josh Harris


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