Friday, March 06, 2009

Breathing Spaces

More on the Breathe Conference. In the afternoon we have Breathing Spaces which are an opportunity to share problems and share solutions in smaller, more interactive groups. This years are as follows


What keeps us from being more generous? How can we inspire each other to share more freely our money, time and possessions?

Phil Whittall leads North Shrewsbury Community Church, writes The Simple Pastor blog and is a friend of Breathe.

Mastering Your Money

Why do we handle money like we do? Why is budgeting important, and how can we take steps to take control of our finances?

Steve Pierce heads up Stewardship Money

Connecting with the Poor

Who are the poor in our neighbourhood and beyond? How do we make space to connect with them, and what might it look like?

Tim Creber works for Tearfund and co-ordinates the Journey Beyond blog.

Investing in Your Neighbourhood

Is the place you live more than a delivery address and somewhere to sleep? How can we build community in a fragmented age and reach out across boundaries to our local communities?


Love Your Neighbour. But who is my neighbour?

How does the way we live every day affect others all over the world? How can we reconcile our own needs and desires with the needs and aspirations of the poor?

Helen Parry lived in Uganda for many years and is currently a lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Finding Stillness in the Consumer Crush

Is 24/7 life in a consumer society squeezing your time for stillness and God? How can we develop rhythms and practices that rediscover the presence of God in daily life?


Working for the Man

Is it possible to work in commerce without compromising your values? How can those who work in business reflect the values of the kingdom of God?

Alice Huntley is a planner at a large London advertising agency

Sustainable Living

How do we get beyond green platitudes, failed resolutions and intimidating tick lists to live a life which treats creation well?


Creating Good Childhoods

The Good Childhood report has exposed how ‘aggressive selfishness’ in our society leads to unhealthy, unprincipled and unstable childhoods. How can we parent our children in a way that breaks the mould?

Ailsa Powley is a mother of three boys aged five, three and one

The Power of Thankfulness

We are richer than most of the people who have ever lived, yet seldom truly appreciate what we have. How can we unlock the power of thankfulness to transform our attitude to life?

Jeremy Williams is a writer, a contributing author of Make Wealth History blog, and a friend of Breathe


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