Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dare to break the mould

If you've ever felt stuck in a consumer mentality... 
If you want to embark on a more generous and thankful lifestyle...
If you just want to work out how to follow God in a world of non-stop shopping, disposable relationships and unsustainable lifestyles...

Come and join us for 'Breaking the Consumer Mould' the second Breathe Conference at St Paul's Hammersmith on 25th April, 10-3pm. Full details are now available on the website, but there's a list of the Breathing Spaces below. Not only do we have Pete Greig as the main speaker, we're delighted to have Viv Thomas from Formation, Will Campbell-Clause from A Rocha, Steve Pierce from Stewardship and Tim Creber from Tearfund. And we're launching the Promise of Life, too...

If you can join us, you can register on (advance notice would be helpful if you'd like to take advantage of the morning-only crèche for under 3's). Or just register on the day. You may want to bring some lunch, too, so we can spend the lunch time mixing it up together.

Please invite anyone you can think of, and pray your socks off - that God would use this day to break us out of the consumer mould and into the 'life that is truly life' (1 Tim 6:19).

Bring it on!

The Friends of Breathe
(Jeremy Williams, Mark Powley, Holly Elson, Chris Webster & Phil Whittall)


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