Monday, March 16, 2009

Driscoll's confusion on the new calvinism

This post by James Grant is a response to this from Driscoll. Grant is excellent in his rebuttal, including this on cities,
"And there is no reason to put a dichotomy between the cities, the suburbs, and the rural areas. New Calvinists who flood into the city without having an experience in the city are often making a mistake by following a fad, and this movement to the city is so very faddish. I thank God for men who are in the city, but I am also just as thankful for men who are staying put where they are in the suburbs and in the country. It is a sin to leave a town with a population of 200 only for the purpose of going to the city because that is the exciting thing to do now. We need Calvinists in every area, and as I have pointed out before, this movement to the city can leave a large vacuum of ministry in other areas, and that is God’s work just as much as the work in the city."
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