Friday, May 22, 2009

Knowing Jesus

I read this today:
"I want to understand Christ the way Christians do - not to become one of them, but in order to enrich my own religious life. I want to learn from them how to have a personal relationship with a personal, humanized, embodied God who cares, and who saves. I want to experience Jesus as a human being enlightened enough to see everyone as holy, even the impure, the leprous and the marginalized. And I want to follow his example, seeing all my fellow human beings and myself as sons and daughters of God."
It comes from an unlikely source - a Jew. Read the whole thing here


Stephen said...

Interesting. I cant actually look at the comments in detail, but, unsurprisingly, there are the reactionary Jews shouting that the NT is a myth, misguided christians attempting to proselytize, and general discussion of historical antisemitism.

its cool that this jewish journalist, writing about the general Judaic fear of Christians, should come out with a comment like that.

As far as the actual topic of the article goes, it seems to me that the greatest cause for the Jewish christianophobia is the years of persecution. From what i know, which is not a great deal, admittedly, it seems that the mindless, unchristian persecution is directly related to the issues discussed in "Jesus for president" (if you haven't read it, do. it will give you an idea of what radical christianity should be). When the church got power, it suddenly needed to preserve that power, and hence dropped its message of love and forgiveness to others and replaced it with aggressive fire and brimstone, which caused a lot of pain.And because everyone knows their history, that also bites now, as people look at the history through the medias eyes and condemn.

please, anyone, correct me if I am wrong on anything.

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