Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Talking food

If, like me, you happen to have a few key issues that stand out above others (justice, generosity, simpler living etc...) the danger is that you become a bit of an ethical bore continually banging the same tired old drum. I've tried very hard not to force the issue on the rest of the church from the pulpit (we don't actually have a pulpit but you know what I mean).

So it was a huge encouragement to learn that one of our Life Groups have taken it upon themselves to regularly discuss an 'ethical living' issue amongst other things and tonight was their first on the issue of food. Sounded interesting and fun.

As a church we've a long way to go on so many of these issues, but even having people who are willing to talk and discuss and encourage each other to make good life choices for their family, for the earth, for their community is really encouraging.


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