Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching up on some reading

The past weeks since Easter has been really busy for me (Easter, Breathe Conference, London Marathon, week trip to Ukraine, writing deadline, Soul Purpose) along with all the normal tasks in life. That's not a complaint by the way, life is good. But as a result reading and blogging slowed down in May and I was just keeping up with reading the blogs and the regular reviews without writing much fresh or creative. This won't be creative but those things are coming as I clear the decks and catch up it frees the brain to tackle more creative tasks.

Anyway from some of my magazine reading here are a few links to some good thought provoking articles:
  • Youthwork magazine has an article by Roy Crowne on financial freedom (sadly the articles not online) so if you want to read it get the paper copy
  • This article from Developments on Bill Gates' donated billions is interesting
  • Share magazine is from Stewardship always worth reading (links to pdf versions) in particular the articles on debt and foodbanks. I'd like to get a foodbank going at some point. Any volunteers?


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