Thursday, July 09, 2009

TOAM: Day 3 (so far)

This morning got off to a great start. Dave Stroud was excellent in his seminar on shaping culture and changing lives. In fact I think it would have been more effective (in my HUMBLE opinion) had he shared this from the main platform. The challenges were the same only with better stories, more illustrations, full of questions which provoked and challenged. You must listen to this seminar stream.

In fact, while I'm on the roll most of this one seminar should be unpacked into further seminars next year: Education (where should you send your child to school?), what's a Christian value of education etc...; Equipping the workplace (I mean genuinely - get Mark Greene or someone) and how pastors can play their role in not drawing everything back to church programmes.

I could go on and at some point I probably will.

Then we had Joel Virgo who was excellent but scored a couple of points for the OT team. First we had a goal from Jonathan's armour bearer and there was a substantial assist from Moses.
Anyway aside from that he spoke helpfully about how a team can support a leader to ensure a vision is realised and battles are won. He was good.

The afternoon saw Terry Virgo complete a hat trick of NOT referring to an OT character (which could be a first). Completing a strong performance from the Virgo's he spoke on apostles and a clear response to the challenges Mark Driscoll gave last year and in many ways batted out of the park.

Add to that a provoking conversation about media and a wonderful conversation with a Ukrainian pastor and friend and day 3 has been good. Topping it all off, in half hour we'll see thousands of people representing thousands more give joyfully, exuberantly, sacrificially. £1.5 million is the goal!!


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