Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Review: Planting Churches - A framework for practitioners

A while ago, I reviewed this book for Christianity magazine

"Murray tackles the six questions of why, where, who, when, what and how of church planting with perceptive insight and balanced judgement. I identified many scenarios and situations that were true to my experience and felt here was an author who really knows his subject.

Despite its relevance and wisdom it was still a real effort to read. Lacking real life examples or case studies it all felt very theoretical and dry. I would have liked some of his observations and experiences brought to life to give it some vitality. I didn't finish this book thinking, 'I want to do it again!'

However the real strength of this book lies in the questions it asks, there were more than a few I'd never considered but wish I had. Anyone considering leading a church plant or 'fresh expression church' would do well to read this book before setting out because the conversations that result will be tremendously helpful. As a basis for discussion in the planning for church planting this book should not be ignored."


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