Thursday, November 05, 2009

Write down guidance

Here's some advice and I'll let you have this one for free. When you believe God is speaking to you write it down and don't lose the notebook. I discovered today an old notebook that I haven't looked in for years.

In 1996, five years before I was asked to plant a church, I felt the call of God to do that. The call to plant churches, to teaching, preaching and justice. It would have helped if I'd had that notebook in 2001!

More encouragement to come because there are things that God has spoken about that I cannot let go. How about these things from the summer of 1996:
"Commitment to the poor, to live with open hands, to discipline myself to give generously and make it a lifestyle." 
Long before I knew what consumerism was, it seems God was speaking to me about generosity, compassion, simplicity, church. I'm very grateful for God's grace to me in all of we keep going.


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