Friday, December 18, 2009

I link therefore I am (18/12/09)

A couple of follow ups today from this set of links.
  • As Britain declines in affiliation to Christianity George Pitcher thinks, "But I think people are becoming increasingly fed-up with the me-me-me consumerist lifestyle. A spiritual hunger will bring them back together in groups again, helping them to rediscover their common – and very often Christian – heritage. The resulting bodies may not call themselves churches, but that's what they'll be."
  • Al Mohler weighs in with his thoughts on the passing of Oral Roberts and also laments his prosperity theology 
  • I like what Marcus has to say on the failure of the British Christmas
  • I'm a big fan of architecture, it can often show the creativity of humanity at its best combining beauty, function and form. I love this house in Swtizerland
  • My friend Andy has this to say about living without a TV


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