Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I link therefore I am (23/12/09)

  • This song deserves to go viral (IMHO). Brilliant.
  • Going for another video, Francis Chan made me laugh (HT: Challies)
  • This has punch, "Families eat together, play together, cry together, laugh together, raise child together provide for one another. Families argue and fight, but they do not stop being families and they don’t join other families because they have different tastes in music or reading. With family you can take off your shoes and put your feet on the sofa. They provide identity and a place of belonging. Family is one of the most common New Testament images for the church. So try re-reading the paragraph above, substituting the word ‘church’ for ‘family’…" - Some great thoughts on community from Tim Chester.
  • The Bishop of London talks on Christmas and Climate Change 
  • I think's infographics are great. Here are their best of 2009


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