Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Review: Silent Savior

Sometimes it seems that God is silent when He should be speaking. Knowing how to know that God is there at those times is the basis of this book. Gregory has clearly had her own struggles this area and this sense of understanding and empathy is the book’s strongest point. There are some moving stories, some flashes of a sharp sense of humour and the odd memorable turns of phrase but not enough to make this a recommended read.

Gregory adopts a conversational tone in her writing but there are only so many times that an author can write, ‘don’t misunderstand me’ before you wonder whether she shouldn’t have made her point a little clearer in the first place. It’s this looseness in writing and lack of clarity in thought at key times that unfortunately left me wondering what the point was.
This isn’t a bad book but neither is it a particularly good one and when it comes to knowing a God that seems silent there are great books available. It just doesn’t reach the standards of say, a Philip Yancey or a John Ortberg. It’s crowded territory for books such as these and I fear Silent Savior will struggle to stand out.


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