Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Making up for lost time

I'm continuing with my office clear out and began reading articles I'd pulled from magazines to save but (clearly) never quite got round to picking up again, until today. Lost in the pile of papers, some of which I have no idea what appealed to me at the time, was a real gem.

Here's a quote to whet your appetite, "Technology is forcing us to live at speed, not at depth." I've got to say I find it hard to argue with that. If you want to read more of Anjula Razdan's top bit of writing then click here

I reckon the tyranny of time (or our perceived lack of it) is a huge thing for us, but I don't have the time to think about. Damn the irony of it all! In reading around it I came across Take Back Your Time which is well worth a look


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