Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I bought this along with other booklet on Climate Change and it follows a similar pattern. It raises the questions although this is thinner when it comes to suggesting ways forward or giving clues as to what a biblically based answer might look like.

Beauty has become an idol of our age (although beauty has always been revered) but now it is the aspiration of almost everyone, seen as a measure of success or failure, the quest for eternal youth and life long beauty has become a crippling burden on society.

For the first time the other day I saw an advert on TV for cosmetic surgery and it has the best URL which really should belong to the church! Can lives really be transformed by changing what's on the outside and leaving the inside untouched? Or has our understanding of who we are become so shaped by what we look like or want to look like that the outside appearance really does matter? If so we have become shallower as a society and are poorer for it.

The booklet is thought provoking when it comes to responding to this crucial issue of our age.


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