Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Nomadic Church

The church I lead meets in a school - it can be a right pain. Toilets facilities are inadequate and sometimes vandalised.  Recently a first time visitor commented how distracted in worship she was by the healthy eating posters of jacket potatoes and milk around the room! The heating rarely works and the classrooms are a real challenge for creche facilities. After nearly four years we're planning a move into a community centre. Some of the issues above will be solved and others will be created by increased moving of equipment in and out of the centre every week. It's all part and parcel of being a Nomadic Church.

For those that serve in such a church then a book like this is enormously helpful. Although it's written for the north american context with a little trans-atlantic translation the principles can be applied and lessons can be learnt. It's helped me rethink the amount of effort we put into creating the right environment, following the potato story. She's not alone, there's a guy in the church who has moaned to me over the past few years about having more visual elements. I told him to get over it, but perhaps he's right.

So clearly not a book for everyone but if you meet anywhere other than in your own building then this could be useful.


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