Sunday, August 19, 2007

Watching the body in action

Today was a good day. Our little church is preparing for mission (I know we're always on a mission but the next few weeks are a little higher profile) and we needed to get a job done - we needed to label 6000 newspapers with our church contact details on them ready for delivery. We provided lunch and our home and 25 people ranging from 2 to 72 provided the drive. It was incredible seeing how much fun it was for everyone as they chatted while they worked and how quickly the job got done. It's encouraging because a high percentage of the church were motivated to volunteer, to serve, to help out - not just 20% of the people doing the work while 80% went out to lunch but 80% came to work. 

It got me thinking about how much we could achieve in our lives if we opened up a little more to others - sure it's chaos but the effects are great. Friendships get cemented or formed, a collective sense of achievement is found, purpose and momentum is gained and progress is made and maintained. I hope in the next few weeks that remains, that we continue to see us come together in prayer, in mission, in reaching out and others see something in us - 'this is how the world will know that you are my disciples - by the way you love one another'. I'd so love that to be true


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