Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who are the baptised?

A new debate has kicked off on both sides of the Atlantic, this time concerning baptism. To follow the links to the various debates head over to Adrian Warnock who as always trackes these things pretty thoroughly. I've added a comment or two over there as well.

In a nutshell the debate started within Baptist circles about whether to admit into membership those who were baptised as infants. Needless to say it spread pretty quickly to the infant baptism v believer baptism debate in some circles. 

In my mind no single thing is more responsible for the massive nominal allegiance to Christianity in the UK than the indiscriminate practice of infant baptism practiced by the Church of England over the centuries. 70% of the population can think they're Christians because they were christened, 70% can think they'll go to heaven when they die because they got wet as a baby in a church. Which is why our first job on a mission here is to show the pagans they're not Christians after all. 

PS For those that are convinced I've left the simplicity issue to one side, never fear - I'm reading a great book and will review shortly!


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