Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let's Go - Day Three

This is a bit of a cheat as Day 3 happened a few days ago but 'better late than never' according to my mum. Actually being late wasn't a great idea on that front so I'm not sure she's saying what she really thinks. 
Anyway, Day 3 was great. Andy Lowe led worship and Terry and I spoke about stepping out with spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. And people did, which was encouraging. Once again, there was a tremendous sense of the presence of God which was a real delight.
In the afternoon, we had a fun day which was good, with turnout improving as the afternoon went on. In the evening we put on a pre-Alpha event at Shrewsbury Sports Village with Steve Legg and Kelle Bryan (ex-Eternal singer). The event wasn't at all 'churchy', Steve had brilliant rapport with the crowd, making them feel really at ease and Kelle was down to earth and real. It was great to see people from earlier in the day come along in the evening. There were about 80+ people there but as always it would have been nice to see the Christians make more of an effort to bring guests along. 

Afterwards, the better half and I joined Steve and Kelle for a drink, it was good to see that who they were in the restaurant was the same as who they were on stage. I think that's called integrity. This left only the Sunday to go. 


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